Easy way to find a file

I had a friend the other day hit me up in a panic saying “I updated my mac and lost my file”. My inside voice was like hmm yeah your computer knew this was the one file to take to spite you, but outside voice said oh okay let me write something really quick for you.  So here is what I came up w/if ever anyone else is in this bind:


sudo find ~ -iname “*.docx” -ctime -3

So what in the hell does this do?  Well it tells the computer (when I say computer I mean Mac, what else is there?) find (in your home directory) ~ (ignore name case) -iname (any file ending with docx) “*.docx” (created or saved in the pasted 3 days) -3

I hope this helps someone

Finally I setup my site!

Well 12 hours ago I decided to make this site about my new hobby, wood working.  I am really excited to learn more about it and start making some cool projects.

So heads up my wood working knowledge is very limited so I hope to write about all that information I can share and let folks know my journey of becoming a better wood worker.

Letting out all the voices in my head